Super Skuttle World™

Tikaro presents the award winning mobile fitness game.

Location Based

Massive Multiplayer

Augmented Reality



Build your own nest and devise new ways to increase its population.


On your everyday routine way, collect resources to use by the Skuttles.


Play with your friends: share resources to help your nests grow faster.

Augmented Reality

In Super Skuttle World™, we take gamification one step further: Thanks to our partner Shoutr Labs with their augmented reality, our prototype already impresses with cutting edge technology. Watch your Skuttles in their nest and interact with them!

Deniz, Beta-Tester Super Skuttle World
„Super Skuttle World combines the adictiveness of a classical base-builder games with a fitness game. I love both. I have been playing the prototype in my neighborhood - and I just cannot stop.“
Deniz, Beta-Tester

Our Partners

Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg

50k € prototype funding from Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg

Business Plan Wettbewerb

2nd place in Business Plan Wettbewerb Berlin Brandenburg

Management Board

Till Pape, CEO, Tikaro

Till Pape


Till is founder of the Berlin startup Mindshyft. He has worked as a software developer for many years. The Ice Age 2 games website, Milchschnitte or Hanuta are in his portfolio.

Ronald Liebermann

Ronald Liebermann

Marketing Director

Ronald is CEO and founder of Shoutr Labs, a successful Berlin startup whose expertise are augmented reality and Virtual Reality Apps.

Tobias Mannewitz

Tobias Mannewitz

Art Director

Tobias has founded Karakter, the award-winning design studio well known for their concept art in well-known titles like the Netflix series Game of Thrones.